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Important COVID-19 Information:
Due to COVID 19 Stage 4 lockdown Olinda Community House will be closed from Thursday 6th August 2020. Olinda Community House will be closed until restrictions and lifted and government advice permits. When restrictions are lifted we look forward to welcoming you back.

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Our next Market and Carboot Sale
will be on Saturday 21st November 2020
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Who are we?

Program Coordinator - Christine Riddiford
Finance & Administration Coordinator – Carol Hoskins

Who is on the board?

President:  Rod Cahill
Vice President: Dean Smightt
Treasurer:  Rose Naughton
Secretary: Norma Ashton-Smith

Committee Members: Judy Rainsford, Susan Cahill and Rachael McCallum.


Computer and Internet access and Photocopying service available.
Monday 9am – 5:30pm
Tuesday 9am – 3pm


Wednesday 9am – 5:30pm
Friday 9am – 3pm

Ring 9751 1264 to make a booking.


Our Vision

OCH will grow and evolve in providing avenues for participation, at an affordable cost, to all people within our Hills community.

Our Mission

The OCH Inc aims to continue to grow and evolve in our efforts to provide avenues for participation, at an affordable cost, to all people within our “Hills” community. In doing so, we aim to encourage self-development, personal growth and a feeling of community for participants within a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

We invite you to download our constitution:

Our Values

At OCH we are inspired by our Vision – to “grow and evolve in providing avenues for participation, at an affordable cost, to all people within our Hills community”. This calls for teamwork and talented and committed people, so we make certain we value our people and our community. Good work in and for the organisation is recognised and rewarded. Continual improvement and development at the personal, community and organisational level is a key focus and everyone is encouraged to explore their full potential. Strong values and credibility are particularly important to OCH, and so, with the help of our community we have developed eight shared values. These values are central to our organisational and operational culture and guide us in the way we work with our community, clients, providers and each other. They are:


We will be open, honest and reliable in everything we do, achieving and maintaining the highest levels of professional service to our community, stakeholders and each other.


We will work together to achieve our Vision and Mission. We know that every single task performed together is important and complements the overall effort. We will share experiences, knowledge and ideas to foster greater communication, interaction and cohesiveness within the organisation.


We will treat all people, inside and outside the organisation, with dignity and respect.


We recognise the role innovation can play in achieving the Olinda Community House Vision and Mission.
We will foster a culture that encourages both the organisation and our community to maximise their potential.


We will support and encourage the Committee of Management of OCH and its staff to be responsible and accountable, and to make decisions within the scope of their role.


We adhere to the highest standard of conduct and ethics and understand that anything less is unacceptable.


We will ensure that everyone in the community regardless of race, religion, descent, age, gender identification, physical attributes/mobility is provided equal and reasonable opportunity to utilize all the services and facilities of OCH House and to contribute to its strategic directions.


Where possible and appropriate, we pledge to engage and be inclusive with our community as fully as we can on all matters concerning our Vision, Mission, operations and programs. We aim for all our members and the community to enjoy their membership and interactions.


We encourage life-long learning and the development of skills and new knowledge.


Having, and acting on, strong values is the key to OCH achieving its Statement of Purpose, Vision and Mission. It is not enough to concentrate solely on efficiency and sound financial management. An organisation must gain the respect and trust of its clients, stakeholders, service providers and the community. This can only happen if it is an organisation that upholds clear principles.

In OCH’s case, the organisation is its members and a great deal of its work calls for loyalty, sensitivity, discretion, good judgement, cooperation, relationship building and respect for the individual and community. Our reputation, therefore, hinges on our actions, attitudes and values.

The need for both an individual and shared approach to values is reflected in the Vision and Mission statements of OCH and having common values leads to consistent behaviour and ultimately, success.

Strategic Goals 2015 – 2018

The OCH Committee of Management will work to four (4) Strategic Goals over the next 3 years:

Strategic Goal 1 – Maintaining a Sustainable and Well Governed Organisation

“ Ensure best practice governance and revenue sustainability to support current activities and long tern initiatives”.

Strategic Goal 2 – Safe, Supportive Environment

“To foster a safe, supportive environment which inspires confidence and empowerment for individuals to reach their potential.”

Strategic Goal 3 – Skill Development, Personal Growth and Lifelong Learning Programs

“To encourage skill development, personal growth and life long learning through a range of programs, services and activities that enhance the quality of life of the local community.”

Strategic Goal 4 – Community Forum, Meeting Place and Services Venue

“To provide a forum and a meeting place to promote awareness and understanding of community issues, facilitate opportunities for community participation in relevant and financially accessible activities, and a venue for the provision of community services.”